The last issue of the first series of Artsens newspaper contains articles that provide a behind-the-scenes analysis of this year’s Art Encounters Biennial.

Through their concept of Our Other Us, Kasia Redzisz and Mihnea Mircan set out to bring us face to face with ourselves. Their curatorial speeches offered us possible solutions to extend boundaries and cover the (real or imaginary) distance between the inside and the outside, to be more aware of the different forms of closeness and contact between people or between man and the environment.

In the editorial, Eduard Enache deals with the connection between art and technology from a position that brings us closer to a new world that has started to cling to the present: Artificial Intelligence. In consonance with the editorial, Mihai Toth discusses the concept of networking in the artistic world, the way it has developed and the directions it has taken. Ada Muntean talks about interdisciplinarity and its effect in her article, The Enigma of Contemporary Art.

Luminița Toma explores how art as a way of bringing people together, even temporary, offers possible solutions to social and community problems. In her article, Ioana Terheș outlines the many ways in which problems arising during artistic research can be solved. In the hashtag section, Andreea Dumitrescu analyses the artistic activity of Traian Cherecheș, whose works address the relationship between the natural and the synthetic world.

The collateral project of the Art Encounters Biennial brought to the fore in this issue is Labour in a Single Shot. Alice Feraru writes about the results of the workshop of the same name, held in the spring of this year. A series of videos made by participants are on view in several locations in Timisoara between 6 and 20 November.

Besides the knowledge and experience gained by visiting the exhibitions, we will enjoy a series of publications launched during the Biennial, publications presented in the article signed by Lucia Brînaru. The dialogues section contains an absolutely fascinating interview with Bogdan Ghiu, conducted by Andreea Neag, who also writes an essay that presents a new perspective on the future of art.