Art and ecology

Issue no. 1 • 27 September 2021

In the past decade, the city of Timișoara has become a city appreciated both nationally and internationally, one of the

The 2021 edition of the Art Encounters Biennial entitled Our Other Us proposes existential formulas of coexistence, starting from contemporary


by Daniel Gagiu

The world! What is the world? Besides philosophical questions that are complicated and closer to reality, the world is that

XENIA TINCA: How would you explain to the public what being a curator means? DIANA MARINCU: I think the best

Art and the Environment

by Anastasia Gurschi

Man’s fascination with nature is unquestionable, as is his connection with it. Inspired by nature’s beauty, artists of many cultures

The term “sustainability” is used in relation to initiatives, actions and programmes that aim to preserve a certain resource. In


by Etel Tamás

Ecofeminism is a feminist movement that analyses the interaction between social and natural processes and draws attention to the connection between the oppression of women and that of natural resources.


by Eduard Enache

When trying to define the new generation of artists, we often think of those who have completed their studies and

At first, it was Earth Art, Earth Works, environmental art. Then, perpetuated as Land Art, it became an artistic approach

humanists or posthumans

by Ionela Ghețe

Man is something that shall be overcome. Since ancient times, recovered through artifacts, even before writing was invented, people have