Chronic desire

Issue no. 9 • 17 February 2023

Artist Leonor Antunes was born in Lisbon in 1972. Currently, she lives and works in Berlin. Antunes mainly creates site-specific sculptural installations strongly influenced by the modernist style, with references to geometric shapes, specific structures and models created by architects and designers of the 20th century.

A Labour of Love

by Eduard Enache

Human actions constantly contribute to making fragile dwellings more habitable. In this context, the opportunity arises to interrogate and disrupt individualism, harsh rationality and the desire to exploit people and spaces.

Archaeologists of Everyday Life

by Andreea Dumitrescu

Slavs and Tatars do not use art as a subject, but as a language, a tool by which they make available knowledge that does not fit into already existing categories, art being the chosen platform of dissemination.

Nature and art have always found ways to intersect, the former providing endless sources of inspiration for the latter. Over time, artists’ approach of the theme of nature has changed with the problems of their present time, shifting from a romantic vision to one that takes into account the awareness of the imminent danger that man and technological evolution pose on the environment.

Lia Dostlieva and Andrii Dostliev are an artistic duo from Ukraine whose artistic practice focuses on both collective and individual trauma. The artists try to understand individuality from the point of view of personal memories.

 In the field of art history, the problem of the image has always been a broad, diverse and hot topic.

about Revolution, art in public space and Timișoara

The proposal of SEPALE for the Chronic Desire exhibition is Dovecote, a 5-metre tall gabled house built 2.5 meters from the ground, which will be located at 56, Take Ionescu Boulevard in Timișoara.

Ana Kun and Noemi Hügel’s installation presents a set of 21 plates and dishes, based on the experiences of 21 people who had been asked about their relationship with food. Was it positive or negative? What would spoil their appetite? The title of the installation, (…) spoils my appetite, refers precisely to this question.

In some areas of society, the idea of togetherness, of community is totally ignored in favour of the me first concept, where individualism is glorified and we are all in a race to the top which, once we have reached it, turns us into supermen. In this reality, greed, social division and injustice are accepted as part of the natural order of things.