Art and community

Issue no. 2 • 04 October 2021

Art and the community

by Alice Feraru

Individuality can manifest itself only within a community. I cannot be an “I” unless another individual calls me “you”. In this way, we draw the constellation of the differences between us. Interpersonal relationships exist prior to our personal encounter with another individual;

Our perception of the world is the consequence of our incapacity to embrace all its details. We are unable to see the world as a whole, so what we learn about it is based on how we relate to its separate fragments.

in times like these

by Ioana Terheș

The concept proposed by curator Kasia Redzisz, How to be Together, in the exhibition hosted by the “Corneliu Miklosi” Public Transport Museum, explores notions such as community, social responsibility, ecology and sustainability in all aspects of artistic production and our life.

Secret Wing

by Andreea Neag

The Secret Wing exhibition has its origins in a period of time before the Fall of the Iron Curtain and calls for a re-evaluation of the present by invoking facets of a past that need to be forgotten ahead of time.

Considerations about Relational Art

by Ionela Andreea Ghețe

In the words of the most important theorist of these practices, “The role of artworks is no longer to form imaginary and utopian realities, but to actually be ways of living and models of action within the existing real”.

In the past decades, participatory art has been present in a global context, a means used by individuals, communities and organisations to promote civic involvement and community activation through artistic performances that become a game involving both the artist and the population.


by Andreea Dumitrescu

Gabriel Boldiș and Laura Borotea – the artistic duo Minitremu, have founded the Minitremu Association to help young people who want to develop through art. They combine pedagogy with art, their mission being to make art understood through direct experience, dialogue and reflection.

Dialogue with Kasia Redzisz

by Georgia Țidorescu

My intention was that the two exhibitions should continue their dialogue, and my ambition was to prove the continuity of certain environmental issues also in How to Be Together, a performance that provides values that stay true in our age.

Contemporary art does not contain only historical or philosophical references, because artists are people like us, with interests like ours. In this case, it’s about video games and how they can be combined with art.

Art is a form of expression and connection with the world around us. Through their works, artists create dialogues with the community, dealing with present-day sensitive or controversial issues. Art removes barriers and opens minds and hearts.

For a long time, I did not ask myself questions about art. Art was intrinsically relevant to me because I was active in an art-related field. It brought me pleasure and I was very interested in its forms.