Art and technology

Issue no. 5 • 25 October 2021

Just One Click Away

by Csilla Bartus

Issue number 5 of Artsens revolves around art and technology. 

Art and Technology

by Eduard Enache

Art and technology have always had an unusual relationship of interdependence in which they have evolved through mutual influence, to the point where technology has taken control of our lives and every experience we have is somehow connected to its progress.

One of the longest-lived digital art festivals in Romania, this festival has represented a dynamic space for the organic encounter between art and technology, creating new connections and artistic paradigms.

Through their dynamic images, the films are incursions into the kaleidoscopic universe of Mihnea Mircan’s juxtapositions, where the vertigo of the experience of looking through a convex lens reveals relative distances that are difficult to define accurately.

Online Culture

by Brînaru-Mitrofan Lucia-Alexandra

online culture definitely makes its presence felt in your life. From the personal to the professional level, the internet has managed to bring us closer, especially during the current pandemic. It has been an anchor, a bridge, a source of information and, last but not least, a medium of expression for many people.

Moving Images

by Ioana Terheș

This article is about the mechanism of obtaining a moving image of contemporary artists and the way they use the time and space relationships in a gallery to question different issues. The concept of moving images addresses more and more themes that refer to the changes occurring in the world every day.

Given the technological explosion of the last few decades, artists have resorted to new media such as video and have included moving images in their works in various ways. But what’s the deal with video art?

# Alice Gancevici & Remus Pușcariu

by Brînaru-Mitrofan Lucia-Alexandra

Using “theatrics” like tropes and ruses and many other aces up their sleeves, Alice Gancevici and Remus Pușcariu create an image of the world we live in, of the issues rooted in its core.

I am a moderate critic of intellectual property.

Within my practice, although I use a lot of leading-edge technologies in the production of my work, I also explicitly seek to merge such elements with traditional materials and processes. For example, I’ve employed laser engraving on hand-finished hardwoods, and digitally printed onto gold-gilded papers, real vellum, and other precious materials.

The subject of the text is not the truth/falsehood relationship or the fake news. However, being a form of fiction to some extent, fake news can highlight the difference between fiction and fake and the ability of the latter to produce multiple representations of reality – one fiction overwrites the previous one.

kinema ikon is as a “multimedia workshop” of artistic experiments that was born as “workshop 16” (from the 16 mm film) in Arad in the ’70s, at the initiative of George Sabău, professor of aesthetics at the High School of Art in Arad. Currently, the coordinator of the group is Călin Man, artist and photographer who took over in 1994, with the arrival of the first computer in the city and the group’s transition to the digital age.